The Heirloom Santa

What should my children wear?
    •Classic dressy outfits in Christmas colors help to ensure that your portraits turn out amazing!  
    •Christmas pajamas also look great with our sets.
    •If you have multiple children that will share a portrait, dress them in coordinating colors.
    •Vintage style outfits bring a real authentic feel to the portraits. (Think long dresses and hair bows on the girls and boys in suspenders or classic style pajamas. )

Can the whole family (parents and children) be in the photo?
    Absolutely! We love to see the parents join in at the end for a portrait with Santa and the family!

What if I have a lot of kids?
    Each experience is designed to last about 20 minutes which is typically plenty of time for up to 3 kids to interact with Santa.  If you have more than 3 children, you might want to book two sessions back-to-back to give your children plenty of time to enjoy their visit! 

Can we combine cousins in a session? 
   These sessions are designed for each household to have their own session.  We don't want to interrupt the session to remove kids from the scene so that each household gets their own photos. The best way to do this is to book two sessions back-to-back and between sessions we will get a photo with all the cousins together. This way both families get the full experience!

What if my only child is just a baby and can't really experience all the activities?
    Babies are totally allowed to sign up for the full experience, but you can choose to book a simple Santa Portrait instead.  It only lasts 5 minutes and allows you to start your child's Santa portrait tradition no matter their age!